Risk Management

Business ContinuityManagement


ChipMOS formulates relevant measures for the prevention of accidents, including risk scenario drills and emergency response and recovery plans. In case of major incidents of events of concern in the current year, ChipMOS will give priority to the drills.


In 2022, due to the instability of power supply, there were many power outages in Taiwan, which made the enterprise operation risk higher. ChipMOS immediately carried out continuous operation plan drills (specific to the major causes like natural disasters (for example, earthquakes), engineering accidents or abnormal power supply by Taipower) for the power failure of Zhubei fab., Tainan fab., with the expectation to properly cope with production, equipment, material management, information system operation, industrial safety and other disasters. In addition, The Company has implemented relevant contingency measures to ensure preparedness in the event of emergencies. These measures include establishing a supply line switching mechanism with the power utility company, as well as implementing uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems and backup generators within the facilities. These measures aim to ensure that there are immediate response mechanisms in place in the event of unforeseen incidents, and to minimize any potential losses or damages.