Message from the Chairman

As the world transitioned into the post-pandemic era in 2022, the domestic semiconductor sector in Taiwan once again returned to the business cycle. In the face of numerous challenges, such as the geopolitical tensions, inflation and climate crises, the overall situation leaves little room for optimism. Insisting in our motto of "Safeguarding our legacy, Aiming for stable growth and Striving for constant improvement", ChipMOS remains steadfast in its path to building a strong corporate foundation. In terms of technologies, we continue to focus on our competitive edge in assembly technologies and services by increasing the proportion of our mix of memory IC, driver IC, and high-end mixed signal offerings along with new process development for wafer bumping and acceleration of smart factory promotion. In 2022, the Company has expanded its automation applications to the domain of assembly to effectively bolster production and quality through intelligence assistance. We also redesigned our existing fab space to achieve optimized productivity. With regards to personnel training, we sought to prepare ourselves to adapt to the ever-changing market environment by facilitating inter-departmental communication and strengthening employees' technical expertise through relevant projects.


With sustainability risks steadily growing in significance, our stakeholders have also placed heavy emphasis on corporate ESG management. And as such, we have continued to proactively promote corporate sustainability development and ChipMOS was able to rank in the top 5% among publicly listed companies in the 8th Corporate Governance Evaluation in 2022. In addition, the Company also participated in the Carbon Disclosure Project for the first time and received the leadership and management levels in the categories of climate change and water security respectively. These accolades are recognition of ChipMOS' efforts in ESG and they strengthen our resolve to keep up with our hard work on the path towards sustainability.


Resilience of Corporate Governance

Having sound corporate governance is fundamental to fulfill the sustainability commitments. ChipMOS has adhered to its principles of ethical management and strict legal compliance whilst pushing for continuous improvement of its governance measures. Through the supervision from the Board of Directors on sustainability related issues in recent years, the Company has effectively facilitated the completion of various projects and initiatives. In 2022, the Board of Directors implemented internal self-evaluation along with an external performance assessment. Not only that, ESG sustainability issues were also included as items of evaluation. While efforts have been made to bolster the competence for the Board, care has also been taken to ensure a healthy balance between the Company's financial performance and results in sustainable management. On top of that, managers' remuneration has also been linked to their sustainability performance as a way to motivate the management to work as a team and promote the Company's long-term development as the primary objective. This will improve organizational resilience, enhance corporate competitiveness so as to create sustainable values for our shareholders and all stakeholders.


Deployment for Green Operations

ChipMOS values and pays close attention to issues of climate changes, the Company has elevated its level of climate governance by entrusting its Board of Directors to routinely monitor the progress of environmental management so that the Company may accomplish its goal of reaching net-zero emissions by 2050. As for climate change management, the Company has performed impact assessment for the risks and opportunities relating to climate change, water resources and natural environments so that relevant response strategies can be established; with regards for green energy plan, ChipMOS continues to construct its solar power facilities while assessing the feasibility of other green energy sources. For production management, the Company strives to develop green production, promote energy management, water resources management and recycling to achieve sustainability despite limited resources. We shall encourage employees to submit carbon reduction proposals so as to foster their awareness for environmental protection, thus working hand in hand to create a low-carbon and eco-friendly green enterprise.


Bolster capacity for sustainability

Employees play the crucial role of promoting corporate sustainability, ChipMOS treats each employee fairly and with respect. In addition, we have endeavored to create a safe, healthy and friendly working environment that is diverse and inclusive with various bonuses and incentive schemes. Incidentally, talent training has always been a key focus at ChipMOS and in our internal trainings, we have incorporated elements of ChipMOS characteristics and relevant experiences to ensure the passing down of expertise and assist employees to expand their know-how and apply what they have learned in their work. In an effort to bolster the competitiveness of talents in the general public, ChipMOS has been collaborating with various schools over the years to help nurture promising talents through industrial-academic collaboration with diverse internship programs and cooperation with new schools/faculties. Through the donation of semiconductor equipment, we were able to promote pseudo-production line practical training that features senior engineers as trainers to effectively close the gap between education and practical work, thus cultivating promising talents for the semiconductor assembly sector.


Having established a sound foundation, ChipMOS continues to expand and deploy its operations while adhering to the philosophy of "Giving back to the society what we take from it" to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities by caring for the society and paying it forward. In light of the overall sustainability trends, the issue of corporate sustainability shall become more comprehensive and diverse. And as such, the Company has to become more proactive and aggressive in accelerating its promotion of ESG by working together with its employees and partners so that we may attain sustainable growth and reach greater heights of excellence.


Chairman & President