Stakeholders Communication

ChipMOS values stakeholders of all types and firmly believes that the first and most important task in achieving sustainable growth is to build positive relations with stakeholders in order to receive more trust and support, which will effectively assist our business operations and sustainable development.


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Stakeholders Questionnaire


Stakeholder Idenfication

ChipMOS defines stakeholders as groups or organizations which can influence ChipMOS or be influenced by ChipMOS. Based on AA1000 SES-2015 Stakeholder Engagement Standard (SES) and people who highly related to our work, ChipMOS has identified 6 major categories of stakeholders by voting at our annual ESG Committee meeting: Shareholder, Customer, Employee, Suppliers, Government, and Community.



Status of Communication (Presented to the Board of Directors on 2021/8/10)

Stakeholder 2020 Main Topics of Concern Communication Channel/ Frequency 2020 Communication Effectiveness

Business Performance
Product Quality
Corporate Governance
Customer Satisfaction
Labor Relations
Ethics and integrity
Regulatory Compliance

• Company financial statements (quarterly)
• Quarterly Investor Conference (quarterly)
• Annual Report (annually)
• Shareholders' meeting (annually)
• MOPS (occasionally)
• CSR Report (annually)
• Company website, social media (occasionally)

• 8 meetings were held and at least 39 material information and announcements were published to communicate the Company's development strategies and overall operations with shareholders
• More than 99 messages were announced, and our sustainable actions and results were communicated with various stakeholders through various channels including Company website and social media
• Average return on shareholders' equity (ROE) was at least 10% from 2016 to 2020, and ROE in 2020 was 11.7%

Customers Product quality
Occupational health and safety
Ethics and integrity
Risk management
Information security
• Customer satisfaction survey (annually)
• CSR Report (annually)
• Customer service/Designated QA personnel
(all the time)
• Customer audit (occasionally)
• Business meetings (occasionally)
• Company website, social media (occasionally)
• Received certification for ISO 9001, IATF 16949:2016, ISO 26262:2018, IECQ
QC080000:2017, ISO 17025, and ISO 27001:2013
• Third-party attestation for management system
• Customer satisfaction survey includes evaluation of quality, technical competences, hazardous substance management, lead time, and service, and all scores have met customer demand and the rating score was 4.12 points (out of 5)
• Received 0 customer complaint related to customer's information security
Employees  Compensation and benefits
Labor relations
Business Performance
Occupational health and safety
Ethics and integrity
• Production meeting (monthly)
• Labor relations meetings, Employee Welfare
Committee meetings (quarterly)
• ChipMOS Quarterly Publication (quarterly)
• Chairman's mailbox, employee mailbox/ hotline (all the time)
• Internal website, physical bulletin (all the time)
• Chairman's Talks, Factory divisional head luncheons (occasionally)
• Company website, social media (occasionally)
• 56 relevant meetings, including labor relations meetings, production line meetings, Welfare Committee meetings, and foreign worker monthly meetings
• 7 rounds of Chairman's Talks with entry-level employees and luncheons with factory divisonal heads were held
• Employee care:
• 254 new employees and 75 employees going through internal transfers were interviewed
• 106 internal employees were interviewed to give timely feedback
• ChipMOS's internal quarterly publication shares information from the Company and works submitted from our employees (book reports, baking, travel, and pets and more)
• 4 issues of CSR e-paper were announced to help employees understand sustainability trends and the Company's sustainable actions
Suppliers Customer satisfaction
Regulatory Compliance
Ethics and integrity
Information security
Risk management
• Supplier quarterly evaluation (quarterly)
• Supplier onsite audit (annually)
• CSR Report (annually)
• Designated contact people for procurement/QA/training (all the time)
• Supplier meetings and surveys (from time to time)
• Company website, social media (occasionally)
• Cooperate with suppliers to fulfill corporate social responsibility; 100% of suppliers signed Statement of Corporate Social Responsibility and complied with its regulations in 2020
• Provide proper coaching and training to suppliers and conduct regular paper-based evaluation and onsite audit
• Conducted RBA audit on 85 suppliers; average conformity rate was 97.45% in 2020 (average was 97 points in 2019)
• Continue to encourage suppliers to achieve certification to international standards
Governments Regulatory Compliance
Waste management and recycling
Air pollution and emissions
Climate change and energy management
Hazardous Substances Management
• MOPS (regularly)
• Pollution prevention reporting (regularly)
• CSR Report (annually)
• Government audits (occasionally)
• Official documents, emails and meetings (occasionally)
• Company website, social media (occasionally)
• 0 major violation
• Relevant reports are filed before their deadlines pursuant to government and legal regulations
• 100% of raw materials used have met international laws and green product regulations
• Actively join and engage in governmental projects, such as:
-Tax policy from the Ministry of Finance: issue uniform invoice and use e-invoice
-The Youth's Employment Ultimate Program from the Ministry of Labor: increases youth's employment opportunities
-Beach cleanup and adoption, and adoptions of air quality purification zones and public restrooms
Communities Labor relations Employee
communications and grievances
Human rights
Social care and welfare activities
Industry-Academia Collaboration
• CSR Report (annually)
• Designated contact people for employment
relations and general administration (all the time)
• Public welfare organizations (occasionally)
• Activities related to social engagement (occasionally)
• Company website, social media (occasionally)
• Invested a total of NT$14,341,672 toward social engagement
• Caring for disadvantaged welfare groups; benefiting a total of 64 organizations and more than 660 individuals
• Volunteers totaled 13,213 people
• Though onsite massage services from vision-impaired massage therapists were suspended for four months when the pandemic was raging in Taiwan, we continued to support and to pay wages to the massage therapists