Healthy Workplace

ChipMOS is dedicated to employees' health and plans comprehensive health management programs to implement employees' health management. At the same time, to ensure the health of all non-employee workers at our fabs, ChipMOS also provides necessary medical consultation and assistance, and makes medical resources accessible to all workers.

ChipMOS strives to protect the health-related rights and interests for workers. Besides following laws related to medical personnel, confidentiality clauses are also specified on contractors' agreements to protect the privacy of workers' health information. We formulate "Worker Health Service Programs" in each year, and the status of which are reviewed at the OSH Committee in each quarter, and we continue to create a well-rounded workplace environment that is healthy, comfortable, where the workers can be at ease.



Healthy Workplace:Diverse health examinations to safeguard employees' health

ChipMOS conducts health examinations for employees on an annual basis. We have been offering more diversified test items at higher frequency than industry competitors for 19 consecutive years to safeguard our employees' health and achieve our goals of early detection and timely treatment. We also value the health of non-employee workers at our fabs, and to fulfill our supervisory role over the plant, we have also requested outsourced vendors and contractors to implement health examinations and care for their workers in line with the laws. This will help us to reach the goal of caring for the physical and mental well-being of all workers.


Comfortable Workplace:Comprehensive healthcare management to reduce risks of illnesses 

To implement well-rounded healthcare management, the Healthcare Management Operations Guidelines and the Prevention Plan for Diseases from Overwork have been formulated to protect employees' safety and health and to prevent occupational diseases.


At Ease Workplace:Promoting health awareness and enhancing self-health management

To ensure the physical and mental health of employees, we hope employees can acquire relevant knowledge, and continue to monitor their own health and practice activities that promote healthier lifestyles to achieve better physical and mental well-being.