Message from the Chairman

In 2021, there was still full of challenges for semiconductor industry and ChipMOS operation, under the influence of many factors such as the global COVID-19 epidemic, supply chain shortages and raw material costs rising. Under the one and another coming challenges, ChipMOS still responsed proactively and positively. Since the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, we have been reviewing various risk issues, enhancing our management, and speeding up the digital transformation of our all fabs to grasp the market trends and development opportunities. As a result, ChipMOS delivered more impressive performance in 2021. At the same time, both revenue and gross margin significantly grew and improved year to year, and a new record of ChipMOS with being benefited the strong demand driven by the market demand switching and the recovery of the semiconductor industry. ChipMOS insists on a stable operation strategy to meet industry trend and customer demand. In the past two years, the automotive and industrial product have been bullish, driving the revenue growth of driver IC and memory products.


ChipMOS also deeply recognizes the significant impact of climate change on the environment, society, and corporate operations, and continues to strengthen corporate risk management, low-carbon transformation and reform, and places equal emphasis on financial and non-financial performance, setting performance targets and goals to achieve sustainable management.


Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is the cornerstone of sustainable management and the greatest driver of operational and financial performance. ChipMOS adheres to the principles of fairness, honesty, trustworthiness and transparency in all its business activities. The Board of Directors not only continues to improve corporate governance and conduct performance evaluation to enhance the functions of the Board of Directors, but also regularly monitors the progress of sustainability issues in order to maintain sustainable and stable development. In addition, the wave of sustainable or responsible investment continues to rise, and the flow of capital will take ESG impact as an important consideration, hoping that the power of the capital market will lead to a new era of sustainable corporate development. With its long-term active engagement in the ESG field, ChipMOS is bound to create the most abundant business value for shareholders.


Technical Dynamics

With the emerging applications such as AI and 5G, as well as the popularity of mobile devices, the demands of the trends of the homogeneous and nonhomogeneous integration of multi chips and thin and small products constantly drive the technological trend of the semiconductor industry. In order to grasp opportunities for industrial trend, ChipMOS continues to invest in relevant technologies development and digital transformation, and actively implements automation and intelligence in factory to maximize benefits. This can not only enhance manufacturing efficiency, but also improve the working environment. Through continuous change and adjustment, we can minimize losses and maximize profits.


Environmental Protection

In order to maintain a clean and prosperous future for next generation, solving global climate and environmental issues has become the top priority of sustainable development of enterprises. We have obtained environmental management system and identified the risks and opportunities that may impact on the ChipMOS operations through the identification of climate factors, and we will take actions and adapt to the results. We will continue implementing energysaving projects, adopting renewable energy, improving water recycling and waste reuse, in order to minimize impacts on the environment.


Creating the Future Together

Employees are the most important assets of the Company. Excellent employees create value for the Company, and the Company will actively give back to the society, so as to create a sustainable future. Under the basic conditions of a friendly working environment, competitive salary and benefits and talent development, we expand our employees' broad careers, encourage colleagues to transfer, challenge themselves bravely and stimulate their potential through incentive mechanisms, to realize their value while creating benefits for the Company.









Chairman & President