Compensation and Benefits

Employees are our most precious assets.

We offer a friendly working environment and attractive compensation programs for our employees.

Performance-driven Compensation Policy

We join the external total reward survey every year, and regularly review the salary of employees to ensure maintained a market-competitive salary level. In addition, aligning the company's business condition and individual performance, we offer various incentive programs, including three Chinese Festival bonus, performance bonus, employee remuneration to share the profits with employees. We emphasize the human rights at work and the equal remunerations; there is no difference between females and males.

Consummate Insurance

To better take care our employees, we provide not only statutory labor insurance and health insurance, but also group insurance program, including life insurance, accident insurance, medical insurance, cancer insurance and more. In addition, the company also provides free group insurance for employee's spouses and children.

Retirement Program

According to the labor pension Act, the company allocates a retirement pension based on 6% of the employee's monthly salary for those who chose the new Labor Pension system. In addition, the labor pension reserve funds shall be allocated based on specific ratio of the employee's monthly salary for those with old labor pension. Beside, company also established the labor pension reserve supervision committee and hired consultant to conduct the funds actuarial every year to ensure the rights and interests of employees.

Employee Stock Ownership Trust (ESOT)

In addition to pension funds based on the law, there is an ESOT plan that ChipMOS implements to help employees accumulate retirement. Employees who have been employed for 3 months are eligible to join in ESOT plan. Through the amount which combined with monthly fixed self-withdrawal amount and the company’s 100% contributions and allocated to the trust account to buy the company’s stocks, it not only improves welfare levels but also encourages employees to work together for the company operating performance and share the operating results.

Friendly Working Environment

We provide our employee dormitory, cafeteria, free shuttle bus, recreation center, massage services and online library. And we also strives to create a safe and comfortable breastfeeding environment. Each factory has a milk collection room, and provides high-quality equipment such as medical grade milk collectors and sterilizers for factory workers to use.

Employee Health Management

We have medical personnel and contract physicians for employee health management and consulting services. We provide annual health examination and conduct health promotion and other activities to ensure the health and protection of employees.

Comprehensive Welfares and After-Working-Hour Activities

Our welfare programs include not only allowances for employee's birthday and some national holidays, but also subsidies employee's wedding, funeral, childbirth, traveling. We encourage employees to organize social clubs and provide allowance to support their activities. And we actively develop appointed store such as postpartum nursing care, daycare center and kindergartens, and provide employees with a secure childcare care resource from birth, childcare to kindergarten.