Intellectual Property Management
ChipMOS has formulated an intellectual property (IP) management policy that incorporates the company‘s operational goals and R&D direction, and set up an IP management unit responsible for establishing IP management related measures to ensure the implementation and execution quality of IP protection, while strengthening the company’s competitive advantage. In order to encourage employees to enhance their innovative strength and accumulate the company’s IP capacity, the IP management unit will share IP related information from time to time to deepen the concept of intellectual property, and has developed the “Invention Proposal Reward Management Procedure” and launched an electronic “IP Management System” for the employees to effectively capture the IP information and implement IP management.
Y2023 Implementation Status (presented to the board of directors on 2023/11/2)
  1. 1. ChipMOS has actively advanced the IP management plan, established the IP management system and database with continuous updates, and introduced patent application review and value review mechanisms to strengthen the quality of the intellectual property rights.
  2. 2. Achievement of Intellectual Property Rights

(1) As of September 30, 2023, we own 576 active patents, 88 pending applications, and 53 registered trademarks at home and abroad.

(2) Acquiring “National Invention and Creation Award” by Ministry of Economic Affairs/Intellectual Property Office in 2016

(3) Named Astrum Award Winner by MDB Capital Group, a US intellectual property (IP) investment bank, in 2011

Intellectual Property Rights Taiwan China US Others Total
Patent No. of Active Patents 304 170 97 5 576
No. of Pending Applications 21 67 0 0 88
Trademark No. of Registered TM 10 14 8 21 53