Social Engagement

In the domain of social engagement, ChipMOS has adhered to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations and focused specifically on three SDGs (SDG 3, SDG 4 and SDG 11) while referring to the "Corporate Community Investment Assessment Mechanism" developed by London Benchmark Group for the management of time committed to social charities, costs, donation of physical materials and various expenditures. Given our two primary visions of "Environmental Sustainability" and "Fulfillment of Public Welfare", the Company has made long-term commitments in the four developmental aspects of "Environmental Friendliness ", "Community Feedback", "Care for the Disadvantaged" and "Talent Cultivation. Not only that, ChipMOS has also remained vigilant with its attention on local communities and disadvantaged minorities during Covid-19 while offering assistance through concrete actions.


Amidst the severe COVID-19 situation in Taiwan in 2022, ChipMOS adjusted its physical activities in accordance with the company's pandemic prevention policy. Nevertheless, we continued to actively engage in social participation through diverse approaches, including online adoption programs and philanthropic sponsorships. After more than two years of united efforts in combating COVID-19, the world is gradually returning to its previous track. ChipMOS, as a company driven by sustainable goals, envisage utilizing the power of business and undertaking tangible actions to make a greater charitable impact. We are committed to implementing sustainable development practices and actively giving back to society. Our aim is to strive towards the goal of having social engagement projects account for 80% of our overall activities by 2025, fostering enduring environmental and social development and creating mutually beneficial outcomes for all stakeholders.



2022 Major activities during epidemic prevention period