Ethical Management

Policy and Regulations

ChipMOS upholds the principle of integrity and honesty while carrying out all business activities. We strictly abide by government regulations and practice regulatory compliance in five major dimensions to maintain our sound reputation. We strictly adhere to the Ethical Conduct Principles and carry out all business activities under the principles of being fair, honest, ethical, and transparent and fulfill our ethical management policy as well as actively guard against any unethical conduct.



To strengthen corporate governance and to achieve sound internal control mechanism, we have established the <Code of Ethics Conduct> and <Procedures for Ethical Management and Guidelines for Conduct> to show our determination and to serve as a basis for compliance from all ChipMOS employees. We also promote our core values of ethical, honesty, and accountability to all employees through various actions.


Implementation Status


Whistleblowing and Protection
  • To establish a protection system for whistleblowers to encourage employees to anonymously contact the Audit Committee or the President when they notice any unethical or improper conduct within the Company. Proper protection measures will be conducted to protect the whistleblower, and managers are prohibited from adopting unfavorable HR punishments on the aforementioned employees. In case the whistleblowing employee is subjected to any unfavorable treatment, the Audit Committee may command the Company to reinstate the person to his/her original title and to provide remedial measures.
  • An Audit Committee mailbox ( independent of the management team has been set up. Employees, customers, and vendors may directly use this channel to report any illegal or improper incident or matters that infringe their own rights and interests to the Audit Committee. A total of 1 whistleblowing report was received in 2020. Upon investigation, it was confirmed that the matter did not concern any unlawful or improper matter, nor did it infringe upon the whistleblower's own rights or interests. It was also not related to ethical management.
  • In 2020, no legal action involving corruption incident, anticompetitive behavior, anti-trust and monopoly practice had occurred. In addition, no incident that violated any socioeconomic laws or regulations had occurred.


Risk Assessment and Promotions
  • Risk assessment concerning corruption was conducted in all ChipMOS operations, and no significant risk was found in 2020
  • All 9 Directors and 142 senior executives have signed the Statement on Ethical Corporate Management Policy
  • Relevant policy and documents are disclosed in the Company's internal website and available for all employees to query at any time
  • 328 new employees have signed the Statement of Commitment to Regulations Governing Professional Moral Conduct in 2020
  • Professional moral conduct and regulatory compliance training is conducted using physical/online course or email:
    1. 3 advocacy emails were sent to all employees; to confirm the effectiveness of such promotions, random online tests were given to 6% of all indirect labor (154 people), and 100% of the test takers have passed the test.
    2. A total of 50 people participated in the RBA Code of Conduct course, and cumulative training hours reached 300 hours
    3. A total of 248 people participated in the newcomer orientation (including RBA course), and cumulative training hours reached 207 hours


Compliance with Suppliers
  • ChipMOS's e-commerce platform has set up announcements for the Regulations Governing Professional Moral Conduct and the whistleblowing mailbox so that suppliers can immediately understand the information and to report any incident
  • To fulfill the ethical management policy in practice, we clearly specify that clauses from the Regulations Governing Professional Moral Conduct be included in procurement contracts with suppliers to inform the counterparty whistleblowing procedures and mailbox for reporting unlawful and/or improper conduct. The achievement rate for adding clauses from the Regulations Governing Professional Moral Conduct to procurement contracts in 2020 was 92%



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