Social Care

Fulfilling the Chairman's vision of "giving back what we have used from the society", ChipMOS continues to be engaged in social welfare activities and to initiate activities based on the dimensions of "care for the disadvantaged" and "youth education". By collaborating with local communities, schools, and social welfare institutions we engage in social welfare through innovative and diverse methods in the hopes of contributing what limited resources we could to help and to care for the society, and to focus on groups that required the most care at the corners of our community. By contributing toward charitable causes along with our colleagues, we have put our love in action to create social co-prosperity and to fulfill corporate social responsibility.



Christmas Wish Adoption Project

Since 2015, for each warm Christmas Eve, ChipMOS has cooperated with local social welfare organizations and rural elementary schools, to invite ChipMOS employees to be Santa Claus for underprivileged children and to realize their Christmas wishes. Apart from rural elementary schools and local social welfare organizations in the Hsinchu area, ChipMOS has successfully extended its support to all 14 administrative districts and 22 rural schools in Tainan. Over the past eight years, a total of 2,187 children's Christmas wishes have been fulfilled. Continue to spread ChipMOS' love and care to the vulnerable corners of Tainan's communities. We hope to become a source of warmth and light for children during the cold winter days, bringing them joy and warmth during the Christmas season.


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ChipMOS' Supporting Local Cultural & Creative Industry Program

In order to enhance the understanding of local culture, traditional craftsmanship, and the cultural and creative industries among ChipMOS employees and their family members, as well as to contribute to the sustainable development of culture through the power of our company, we organized 2 local cultural experience events and 1 local cultural and creative industry DIY activity in 2022.


■ Rice noodles DIY in Hsinchu – Spreading the enticing aroma of rice noodles
Hsinchu has developed its distinctive rice noodle industry because of its unique geographical environment. In 2022, we invited a total of 121 colleagues and their family members to visit a rice noodle factory and learn about the traditional craftsmanship of Hsinchu's local rice noodle industry. Through guided tours and hands-on DIY activities, we aimed to help ChipMOS employees gain a deeper understanding of the unique rice noodle industry in Hsinchu and promote the importance of sustainable cultural heritage in the local community.


■ Luban School and its one-day woodworking artisan experience
In the summer of 2022, our Tainan fab organized the "Luban School - Craft Experience" activity. We invited a total of 84 colleagues and their family members to participate in a woodworking experience. The event aimed to not only introduce the traditional Taiwanese mortise and tenon woodworking techniques and the history of furniture development but also allowed colleagues to collaborate with their families in creating their own personalized wooden chairs and chopsticks. It provided a fun and interactive experience for both parents and children to enjoy together.


■ Blessing with Flowers - Romantic Floating Flower Vase Night Light DIY
In an effort to support the local cultural and creative industry in Tainan, we collaborated with a local floral art studio. This partnership not only helps foster the local industry but also allows our 105 colleagues to experience the beauty of floral art and creative craftsmanship, providing them with a way to relax, unwind, and find solace for their body and mind.


Charity Coffee Project

Since its launch in 2016, the program has entered its 7th year. We have installed charity coffee machines in our office area, allowing colleagues to enjoy coffee while also contributing to charitable activities. Priced at just NT10 per cup, the collective effort of our colleagues in purchasing the coffee can make a significant impact and help support more disadvantaged children. In 2022, upon learning about the outdated classroom facilities at the Hsinchu I-Link Community Services Association, we assessed the situation and decided to donate a sum of NT$36,700 from Hsinchu fab's annual earnings to the organization. This donation was used for wall painting and lighting replacement, aiming to provide a more comfortable learning environment for the children and help them grow up in a healthy and happy atmosphere.


Industry-Academia Collaboration

Since 2013, ChipMOS has successively launched a series of industrial-academic collaborative projects with ten colleges and universities in the neighborhood, including summer internships, scholarships and grants, employment-oriented programs and industrial-academic classes. With multi-year cultivation, 568 students have been benefitted. Since 2021, to continue to cultivate and enhance the relationship between the Company and colleges, the new semester internship opportunities have been added; scholarships, grants, and internship allowances are provided as the substantive assistance to underprivileged students, to reduce the financial burden of their families. In the 2021 Industrial- Academic Series Projects, total NT$1,611,000 has been invested to continuously motivate outstanding young students to apply what they have learned for diverse development.


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