Sustainability Approach

Sustainability Policy

ChipMOS adheres to the mission of "Honesty, Integrity, Friendliness and Care for the Disadvantaged" and has formulated the <Sustainable Development Best Practice Principles> and <Corporate Sustainability Policy>, which are adopted by the Board of Directors as the highest principle for the Company to promote sustainable development. At the same time, ChipMOS has formulated specific implementation policies, and regularly reviews their implementation effectiveness and continuous improvement. We also incorporate the relevant implementation policies into the operation activities and carry out sustainability actions in various aspects, including continuously improving corporate governance, complying with ethical management and focusing on the R&D and innovation of core technologies, so as to practice our commitments and responsibilities to employees. We actively invest in green production, reduce environmental damage in the production process, continuously improve the use of various resources, and strive for environmental protection. Internally, we protect and care for employees' health and rights, assist employees in career development; externally, we continue cultivating environmental sustainability and implementing public welfare, giving full play to our sustainability influence.


ESG Committee

ChipMOS ESG Committee is the highest sustainability management organization within the organization. The Chairman & President serves as the Chair and the top commander, and regularly reports to the Board of Directors. According to the professional division of labor and the management of sustainability issues, the ESG Committee is divided into three groups: "Corporate Governance", "Environmental Protection" and "Social and Employee Care". The top managers of each unit are the main members, responsible for coordinating and promoting sustainability development goals. The ESG Committee meets regularly every year to jointly review the promotion of goals and discuss sustainability related plans.


The Committee aims to promote sustainability related activities, formulate sustainability strategies, establish employee sustainability thinking, prepare ChipMOS sustainability reports and actively interact with all stakeholders. When formulating the annual company policy, "enterprise commitment", "environmental protection" and "social engagement" are taken as the practical guidelines, while incorporating the issues of concern for stakeholders into management actions, actively implementing and promoting the economic, environmental and social aspects, and continuing to practice the responsibility of corporate citizens.



The Board of Directors supervise the progressing of sustainable development

ChipMOS ESG committee reports quarterly to the boards on the status of sustainable implementation. Through the Board of Directors continuing to supervise and assist the management team in the implementation of sustainable development, we will continue to promote sustainable performance.

(The latest presented to the Board of Directors on 2023/8/3)



Sustainable Development of ChipMOS