ChipMOS announced to join the “TALENT, in Taiwan, Taiwan Talent Sustainability Action Alliance



To strengthen the competitiveness of talents in Taiwan, and in response to the ESG trends, at this critical moment, ChipMOS officially announced to join the "TALENT, in Taiwan, Taiwan Talent Sustainability Action Alliance" !

We are committed to the six key indicators of Talent Sustainability Actions, including “Meaning and Value”, “Diversity and Inclusion”, “Organization Communication”, “Reward and Incentive”, “Physical and Mental Health”, and “Talent Growth”, and to develop concrete actions to drive Taiwan's society to maintain its sustainable competitiveness in the face of childlessness.


1.Meaning and Value
ChipMOS values employees and establish a complete talent development system that is based on corporate core values and strengthens the link between talent development and organizational strategy. We invest sufficient development resources in all types of training based on organizational goals, and bring the spirit of "continuous learning" into the organizational culture to create a diverse value for talent.


2.Diversity and Inclusion
We adhere to the principle of "right person in the right place" to protect the human rights; we implement a 100% zero-pay policy for our Filipino employees; and we actively recruit disabled people and provide them with appropriate jobs; we continue to optimize the relevant welfare system so that our employees can stay in their jobs for a long time, and then continue to develop their personal value and contribute to the company and society.


3.Organization Communication
ChipMOS is committed to promoting labor-management and human rights-friendly management. We provide diverse communication channels and also hold launch meetings with chairman from time to time to have mutual communication, and to listen to the voices of our employees and provide encouragement and assistance. 


4.Reward and Incentive
ChipMOS provides competitive compensation and benefits, such as annual salary increases of 3% to 5% for more than five consecutive years; promotes outstanding employees through a dual promotion system; and we organizes annual Model Employee Awards, and provide awards and trophies for long-time employees. In addition, we actively recommend our employees to participate in external talent selection and publicly recognize their outstanding performance.


5.Physical and Mental Health
We focus on the health of our employees and have launched a comprehensive health management programs, including annual health checkups which are better than other companies; promoting the Employee Assistance Program, health education activities, and health seminars to inspire employees with proper health awareness. We actively support government policies and all factories have been awarded the Health Promotion Label, and keep building a healthy workplace. 


6.Talent Growth
ChipMOS continues to pursue excellence and innovation and to build an automated intelligent factory and to develop an automation talent cultivation program to anchor employees' professionalism. We provide diverse digital learning resources and an independent learning environment to  stimulate employees' learning motivation and grow continuously.


In order to effectively pass on management experience and corporate culture, we promote a learning blueprint for new managers. Starting in 2020, we will launch a series of key talent development programs, and introduce personality assessment tools to more accurately identify suitable candidates from within the organization and provide personal development plans, and complement the organization's talent needs with rotation mechanism. For the employees, it not only they can have more possibilities for career development, but they can follow the organization's steps to grow rapidly.



Next, we will continue to promote and advocate with "Common Wealth Learning", "Cheers Magazine" and 100 companies in Taiwan. In the future, we hope that our employees can improve their competency, live up to their full potential and make valuable contributions through the project of talent cultivation.