System-in-Package (SiP) solution provides a higher level of integration, lower cost, and flexible design and manufacturing toward system configuration. Other benefits include simplified board design and reduced material cost. It may employ wire-bonding and/or flip chip process to assembly more than one IC chips and/or passive components in a single package. The SiP solution is to build an electrical functioning block or module that can be used as a standard component in system level manufacturing.

Benefits of SiP Solution
  • Smaller dimensions than individually packaged ICs
  • Better electrical performance by assembling critical ICs closer within the Package
  • Lower overall cost of ownership
    • Eliminate packaging cost (multiple ICs in one package)
    • Reduce board complexity- Use less board space
    • Use less system board space than individually packaged ICs
    • Reduce overhead for customer (turnkey solutions for assembly, test, supply chain management, and drop- shipment)
  • Shorter time to market

ChipMOS is capable of modeling electrical, mechanical and thermal performances of package to reduce design iterations. In addition, ChipMOS is capable of providing the SiP technology services to make customers success.