The working temperature of an IC device seriously affects its service performance, reliability, and life time. ChipMOS offers an outstanding thermal characterization service to meet customer requests for thermal measurement and thermal simulation.

Thermal characterization of a semiconductor device is undertaken to determine the circuit junction temperature response while heat is conducted away through the silicon chip package into the ambient.

The finite element modeling software ANSYS is employed for thermal simulation to predict the heat dissipation performance. It is a powerful tool for the optimal thermal design analysis before volume production of a new package. Generally, the simulation result shows good agreement with the measured data from verification experiments that are less than 10 % in deviation.

Thermal measurement equipment used includes thermal test die, calibration system, measurement chamber and PCB test board. ChipMOS' system has integrated the multi-meter, power supply and automatic controller by the use of our self-developed software. The power consumption of the thermal test die could be precisely controlled to keep linearly correlation of the diode output voltage against junction temperature within the test chamber designed by the Analysis TECH. with the JEDEC standard size (1 ft. x 1 ft. x 1 ft.).

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