Material Topic Management

Material Topic Significance to ChipMOS Operations Management Strategy
Regulatory Compliance Follow laws and regulations in day-to-day management to effectively prevent penalties and damages to the Company's reputation ▪Fulfill ethical management and regulatory compliance policy to actively prevent
any unethical conduct
▪Risk evaluation on corruption has been performed for all ChipMOS operations,
and ethics and integritycourse advocacy is also implemented
Business Performance Pursue for steady growth and operational profitability to create higher value for all shareholders and enhance investors' trust ▪Launch automated smart factory project to enhance the Company's competitiveness
in response to 5G/AIoT trends
▪Continue research and development and to innovate various end-use applications
to achieve steady growth momentum
RBA Supply Chain Management Suppliers are our long-term partners and collectively strive for stable growth and sustainable development to create synergistic growth throughout the industry chain ▪Apply RBA Code of Conduct as the objective for implementing supplier environment
and human rights management
▪Established an inter-departmental Supplier Management Committee that executes
sustainable supplier management
Information Security Fulfill information security management to ensure the Company's day-to-day operations and to protect customer data and maintain trusting partnerships

▪Established an Information Security Management Committee to formulate
information security policy and safeguard information assets
▪Introduce ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information Security Management system
▪Conduct Business Impact Analysis (BIA) for important systems
▪Enhance employees' awareness for information security and proficiency
▪Extend information security to supply chain to enhance the information security
service quality throughout the supply chain

Customer Satisfaction ChipMOS treats customers as partners and provides outstanding quality and technical services while helping customers to reduce operating costs and achieve joint developments and growth ▪Understand customer needs through diverse communication channels and
immediately handle and respond to customers' concerns
▪Provide comprehensive products and service to satisfy customers' product
and service needs
Product Quality ChipMOS strives to enhance product quality, competencies, and achieve continuous improvement to satisfy customer needs and to win their trust ▪Introduction of automated smart manufacturing to achieve advanced
quality control
▪Strive to enhance quality through designated quality department and
interdepartmental efforts
▪Continue to encourage the submission of improvement proposals throughout
the fabs to maintain
competitive edge in quality
Corporate Goverance Continue to strengthen governance mechanism to protect the rights and interests of shareholders and other stakeholders and to achieve sustainable business development ▪Adhere to the principle of corporate governance, and the Board of Directors
is formed through elections from all shareholders
▪Strengthen the functionalities of the Board of Directors through establishing
various functional committees that regularly report their activities and
resolutions to the Board of Directors
▪Set up a Corporate Governance Officer to facilitate in the operations of the Board
Ethical Management ChipMOS adheres to a principle of integrity, honesty, and business ethics while carrying out all business activities. We practice ethical management and maintain good corporate reputation. ▪Fulfill ethical management and regulatory compliance policy to actively prevent
any unethical conduct
▪Risk evaluation on corruption has been performed for all ChipMOS operations,
and ethics and integrity course advocacy is also implemented
Risk Management Good risk management mechanism can effectively maintain business operations and reduce or prevent losses from occurrence of risks ▪Management strategies and actions are carried out based on the risk
management policy and risk analysis and identification
▪Business continuity plan is strictly implemented to ensure that damages
can be kept to a minimum during any emergency
▪Reviewed during day-to-day operations to stay on top of any abnormalities
Hazardous Substances Management Raw materials are selected using high standards to ensure that products do not pose safety hazards to the human health and the environment ▪Green materials are used so that products are free from substances that
are hazardous to the environment
▪Green Product Management (GPM) system is established to ensure
compliance to green product laws and regulations
Water Management Upholding the vision of treasuring and properly using water resources, ChipMOS is committed to minimizing the environmental impacts from our operations ▪Processing water recycling facility is built to recycle and reuse water resources
▪Water quality inspection and control is carried out within our fabs, and
discharge and effluents are treated according to laws to effectively manage
water resources
Climate Change and Energy Management ChipMOS values climate change and effectively utilizes energies to mitigate the impacts on the environment ▪Energy Management Committee is established and the ISO 50001 Energy
Management System is introduced
▪Various energy-saving technologies are introduced to effectively utilize energies,
and we continue to promote various energy conservation management projects
Waste Management and Recycle ChipMOS actively promotes source management to enhance resource utilization efficiency in order to focus on both economic development and environmental protection ▪Promoted reductions at the source and introduce production processes from
the perspective of circular economy
▪Established a waste disposal audit system to effectively control waste
disposal processes
Compensation and Benefits ChipMOS has formulated good compensation and benefits system to inspire and to reward employees for their contributions and hard work to further build employee cohesion and loyalty ▪Attract, inspire, and retain high-performing talent by providing competitive and fair compensations
▪Regularly participate in external salaries research and use the results from
objective third-party agencies as references for salary adjustments
Occupational Health and Safety Employees are our most important asset and we strive to provide them with a safe environment to protect their health ▪Occupational Safety and Health Committee is established to practice occupational
safety and health management
▪Promoted ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management system
Labor/Management Relations We value employee rights and interests, respect all employees, and have built an equal, inclusive and friendly workplace environment ▪During the recruitment process, no differential treatment on whether to hire
a person is given based on factors including gender during the recruitment process
▪We abide by national laws on labor (Labor Standards Act) and have
built a friendly work environment and fulfilled work-life balance